hope and healing for everyone

Professional Counselor with 40 Years of  Experience

Areas of expertise

I counsel with individuals, families and adolescents. My specialties include crisis intervention, post-traumatic stress, abuse, grief, shame, spiritual issues, eating disorders and teen/family intervention.

Crisis intervention can be any type of crisis from a high school kid who commits suicide, to a father who leaves home, to a pregnant daughter.

40 yrs counseling experience

  • MA, LPC  
    Licensed Professional Counselor in State of Tennessee )
  • Published Author of “A Season To Heal”
  • Foreign Aid Work for Abused Women
  • Seminars Available

Education & Career

  • Masters MTSU
  • BA Lipscomb Univ.
  • Former Director of Local Non-Profit
  • Former Youth Pastor
  • 10 hrs of Continuing Education Each Year since 1982

Schedule by appointment only
in Hendersonville and Hermitage
Mon, Wed, Thurs 1:30p-6:30p

counseling and consulting
offered to ages 11-80
in a confidential, non-judgmental setting

Cost $90 per hr
( Cigna and BC/BS insurance accepted, some discounts available )

Work based on belief that there is hope and healing for everyone.

I look and see God’s hand in all of it and can tell you I have had a blast
because it is what I love to do. Helping people be all they are meant be.


You have made me a stronger person and believe in myself where I was beaten down and did not have that when I first started. You have also made me realize that I don't have to take abuse from guys to be happy.

Luci helped lighten my emotional load, encouraged me to make healthy changes, and supported me as I took important steps toward a better way of living.

Luci, Thanks for being my "Kite String" - holding me tight, helping me out of the trees, as I journeyed the path that knows. Life is a miracle and the right to live is a gift. I'm so thankful you helped me know that.

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